Ameristat Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   

Pharmaceutical Supplier


        Ameristat Pharma (API) is an International wholesaler and exporter of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.  We have over 18 years of experience in this industry.  As a wholesaler, we sell bulk quantities of diversified products from many manufacturers.  Although, we can supply in smaller quantities and are capable of retail supply.  Our primary focus is on export, however, we are licensed to sell within the U.S. and welcome such inquiries and opportunities.

        We work with hospitals, pharmacies (including licensed internet pharmacies), Governments, relief organizations, manufacturers (for clinical trials), other wholesalers and major importers worldwide.  

        We offer a comprehensive range of products from the USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Malta and India.  Nearly any item a hospital or pharmacy may require, can be found through us.  Although, we do not specialize in narcotics or controlled substances, we can, in special circumstances, supply these type of products through an organization that we contract with (direct shipment) for (export only).  However, all applicable laws of the U.S. and the Country of importation must be strictly adhered to and followed. 

        We have a strong code of ethics at Ameristat Pharma, we pride ourselves in following all applicable Governing laws (in any given Country), supplying only quality products that are maintained and shipped under stringent guidelines and controls to ensure quality delivery, free of error, defect or adulteration.  We take great care in the services and products that we provide, we treat each order with individual attention, as if these products were being provided to a family member of ours.  We believe in promoting only quality products, products that are reviewed by our staff thoroughly, before we will offer it to any of our customers.

        We believe in fair and competitive pricing, we will do our utmost to supply the products that we provide at the absolute best available price.  Having said that, we also believe in fair pay for the diversified, specialized, services and products that we provide.

We believe in cultivating relationships that are of mutual benefit, both equitable and profitable for all parties concerned.   


Opportunities, collaboration, marketing, sales and business development with Ameristat Pharma:

We are always open to new ideas and welcome them full heartedly.

For Manufacturers:  If you are interested in promoting your products within the International market place, please contact us.  We offer registration in key markets, promotion, sales and marketing.  Also, special marketing campaigns in print and or the internet.  If you have a special product or products that you want to get noticed on the internet, let us know, we can provide this service (either through co-marketing or stand alone marketing).

For other wholesalers and distributors:  We invite you to contact us with the products and services you have to offer.  We can feature and offer your products or services on our web site and through our business.

For individuals:  Ameristat Pharma is looking for sales representatives (outside the U.S. only), we offer a very competitive commission pay structure.  Please contact us for more details.